Linda Meredith Phyto 4+ 50 ml

A versatile cream, ideal for firming & strengthening the skin

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Phyto 4 is the most versatile cream in the entire range. The benefits of its ingredients are ideal for firming the skin, reducing redness, strengthening capillaries and covering a wide spectrum of skin issues. Capillaries are very tiny blood vessels that cover our entire body. Sometimes the walls of these tiny vessels become thin or even leak, causing dark circles around the eyes or redness on our face. Phyto 4 helps strengthen the walls of these capillaries while reducing the redness that surround them.

Phyto 4 contains several important essential oils and as the content of these oils is so high, the cream itself becomes lipo-solvent, meaning it breaks down sebum, becoming very effective for oily or acne prone skin. It also contains Aloe Vera to soothe and heal, Borage Seed Oil to strengthen the capillaries, Vitamin E and sweet almond oil containing Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, and E.


Our most versatile cream, to combat a variety of skin problems.

The high content of essential oils makes the cream lipo-solvent which means it will break down excess sebum due to acne and very oily skin.

Can be used once a week combined with Mask (see information on Mask).

For de-hydrated or dry skin, mix with Serum.

Strengthens broken capillaries so that redness is reduced.

Phyto 4 helps to firm loose saggy skin.

After a double cleanse in the evening apply Eye Gel, spray with Hydrating Mist and apply Phyto 4.

When adding in Serum to Phyto 4 either mix the two products in the palm of your hand or apply serum first if there is scarring due to breakouts of acne.