CHARWHITE is an All Natural Teeth Whitener that brightens and polishes your teeth, remineralizes and strengthens the enamel and gives your mouth a thorough detox.

CHARWHITE is Made in Germany with high quality ingredients only and safe for every day use so can enjoy CHARWHITE Natural Teeth Whitener as often as you like.


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890 Kč

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Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal, Calcium Bentonit Clay, Organic Orange Peel Powder, Organic Peppermint Powder, Limonene (from natural substances)


50 ml averages 150 uses

Please note:

CHARWHITE Natural Teeth Whitener is a black fine powder and can be a bit messy in the beginning.Make sure to open the lid carefully to avoid spillage and keep a dark towel on hand until you got the hang of it.

Get that gorgeous smile with the power of all natural ingredients today.


  1. 1. Dip a clean, wet toothbrush into CHARWHITE
  2. 2. Brush in small, gentle circles for 2 minutes
  3. 3. Keep your lips closed while brushing
  4. 4. Spit carefully and rinse very well
  5. 5. Use CHARWHITE daily and do not inhale the powder


Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal
aktivní uhlí

Is a highly porous material with the ability to absorb and binds stubborn extrinsic stains and discoloration from the inside out and gives you beautiful white teeth. Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal polishes the teeth, removes toxins and boosts your immunity.

Bentonite Clay
jíl bentonit

Pulls out bad stuff and gives you a daily detox. Ready for the best part? It even remineralize the teeth and strengthens the enamel. Teeth whitening was never that healthy before.

Organic Sweet Orange Peel
organická pomerančový kůra

Is a highly effective natural teeth whitener that helps with the removal of stains. Sweet Orange Peel does not contain citric acid so your pearly whites will be healthy and happy as can be.

Organic Peppermint
máta peprná

Targets inflammation and infections of the mouth area. It also soothes teeth and gum and leaves you with a fresh and clean feeling.


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We want to see a change in this world and we deeply believe that many little things can make a big difference.

We believe that clean drinking water and a basic education are fundamental rights that need to be accessible to anybody.

This is why we support the Non Profit Organizations "Pencils of Hope” and "Charity Water" with 10% of all of our profits.

With every jar of CHARWHITE you buy you ensure that a child can go to school and drink clean water every day.

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