Le Mat

Talismans Collezione Preziosa

In the original Tarot card game, the real meaning of Le Mat is The Pilgrim and is the only unnumbered card which could represent anyone of us. All the other cards are the stops of his trip, of OUR trip in this life.

Le Mat is the scent of bravery, gumption and change. With a mantle of nutmeg and black pepper that protects its heart of geranium and rose, the scent unleashes whiffs of patchouli and cashmere wood. A blend of celestial and earthy aromas that instills a sensation of freedom, while inspiring to take the risk to walk towards a new destination.

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Extrait de Parfum 100ml/ 3.4 fl OZNatural Spray, High concentration, unisex

„Strike a match and enlighten the path you need to follow. Take a handful of soil, feel it, bless it.
LE MAT instills pure energy, movement and impulse.
Strong-willed and daring, LE MAT heats more than fire on a cold winter night.
LE MAT incites to travel, to explore, to walk towards a new destination and to face one’s fears.
LE MAT is also for those searching for freedom; for those on a journey longing to find themselves;
for those couples looking for new impulse in order to reignite their passion and strengthen their bond…”

Stefania Squeglia, Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima

Detailed notes: Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Cloves, Egyptian Geranium, Rose from Grasse, Indonesian Patchouli, Cashmere Wood, Everlasting Flower (Immortelle).
Nose: Anne-Sophie Behaghel (Flair Paris)

Three key ingredients:

  • Everlasting Flower from Spain: so deep and complex as soul,with hidden aromas of hay, coffee, spices and plum.
  • Centifolia Rose: the trip of Le Mat is an inside journey. Rose is the sensual note of the traditional Chypre perfumes genre. See deeply in your soul to truly understand yourself.
  • Dried leaves of Indonesian Patchouli: Earthy woody note. Silky patchouli is the base of the Le Mat trip.

The Packaging

Many talents joined their forces to create the unique packaging for the equally unique scents. As in case of all Mendittorosa’s scents, packaging of Talismans line is a symbol of true art. The enticing LE MAT juice is guarded in a heavy glass bottle (made in France) with the cap made of a handful of soil. Molded by the hands of a Tuscan sculptor Alessandro Reggioli, artist deeply connected to the history of Mendittorosa, each cap is imprinted with the artist’s fingerprints and therefore is unique. Around the bottle, there is handmade terracotta charmholding LE MAT name. There is also a tiny bell placed announcing LE MAT’s arrival.

The bottle is hidden in also handcrafted wooden box – signature symbol of all Mendittorosa scents. It is the exact replica of boxes used for art pieces transport, created by Mr Reggioli and officially licensed afterwards.

Finally, each box is decorated with the original LE MAT Marseille Tarot card – directly licensed by the Academy of Tarot.

Talismans – Collezione Preziosa is the new Premium Collection of three Extraits de Parfum by  Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima. Currently it comprises of two bestselling compositions of the label: Le Mat (2014), Sogno Reale (2015) and the latest Nettuno (2016).

Talismans is a concept of scents with strong message and vision. UNTIL NOW WE HAVE three precious essences created from the genuine passion, dreams,  love, deep research and consciousness. They are the result of artistic collaboration of Stefania Squeglia– Founder and Creative Director of Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima, indomitable spirit in search of the true Soul with talented French perfumers and Italian artisans. Talismans are symbols of real olfactory art without compromises. Moving, touching, intense, RELATED TO ANCIENT AND DEEP MEANINGS, MYTHS AND SYMBOLS OF OUR HISTORY they have been loved by major fragrance writers and customers. The Mendittorosa Talismans are produced in small batches to fully control the quality, always presented in the unique packaging. Those pendants, forged caps, elements of wood, mirrors, clay and ceramics complete and enrich these fragrances being  patiently handcrafted by leading Italian artists whose hands have sculpted, carved and curved every detail. The story of Talismans will always grow… expect lot of precious Talismans in the near future.

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