Linda Meredith Hydrating Gel

A soft gel peel to exfoliate and hydrate the skin

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There are many products used to exfoliate the skin, but none that reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrating Gel is a unique refreshing gel peel with two very unique properties. Firstly by building up layers of Hydrating Gel it will hydrate below the surface revealing a much plumper, firmer skin. In order to maximize hydration do not allow the product to dry before applying more

If you wish to use Hydrating Gel as a gentle peel, allow the product to dry and remove with a dry face cloth. Algae extract, Borneol, White Nettle and Citrus Oils will remove surface pollution, firm and clarify the skin leaving it toned and radiant. May be used two or three times a week. Do not use while bathing if applying the product for exfoliation.


Hydration is the key to all skin problems and Hydrating Gel gives the skin instant hydration.

Apply a thick layer to the entire face and neck, take extra care around the eye area if sensitive. Apply a second layer if the product has absorbed quickly and a third on any areas that may feel dry.

Leave for at least twenty minutes and remove with warm water or a dry face cloth. Can be used while bathing.

Use two or three times a week.

Will immediately brighten dark or tanned skin due to the citrus content and instantly plump fine lines and wrinkles.

When the skin is well hydrated it allows the flow of excess sebum trapped beneath the surface layers and a deeper penetration of products applied to the surface.