Source Beauté Lèvres – Rouge à Lèvres

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This set of lipstick of Source Beauté de CBN line can be proud of enviable pallet of colors, textures and finishes. In this case, it is also possible to satisfy almost every wish as the lipstick shadows range from basic and sober tones to dark and very intensive ones. The offer includes extraordinarily covering lipsticks and those with full and long-lasting effect (various tones of red, purple and orange) as well as softer, more creamy, more hydrated and slightly glossy ones (various tones of pink, beige and brownish). All these lipsticks can be accurately dosed and easily shaped. The finishes go from completely matte to slightly silky and glossy or gently glittery gold-colored and rosy nuances that allow master conjuring on the lips with addition or reduction of intensity and easy adjustment. 

Thanks to their applicators, the application of our lipsticks is very convenient and effective, mainly in rather glossy and creamy lipsticks as they also resolve potential esthetic imperfections of lips. Matter and covering lipsticks require a bit more precise use. 

They contain diamond dust that perfectly befits for illumination and creation of an optical effect of toned and smoothened lips.  

The multifunctional active substance BIO GERMINAL COMPLEXE with extracts from grain sprout cell can support the growth of new skin cells and effectively prevent skin ageing. 

Other ingredients: Grain sprout oil and resveratrol


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