Ambre 1er

The Jovoy Ambre 1er Candle is a beautifully sweet-smelling tribute to the signature fragrances that drift through the Place Vendome in Paris. Trailing through the streets and tantalizing the senses of many an intrigued passerby, these candle scents perfectly combine the musky overtones of spice and wood with the lighter, smoother undertones of fresh vanilla and warm amber.

The Ambre 1er Candle by Jovoy is a sultry, seductive blend, designed to entice, capture, and interest, without being too overwhelming or cloying.

Accord Notes: Musk, Patchouli, Vanilla

Scented candle with bell jar 185 g

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2 100 Kč

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The candle and a bell jar are presented in the boutique's signature red hat box making it the perfect gift.

Made in France.Crafted with 10 percent natural fragrance oil, high-quality mineral wax and hand-braided cotton wicking. 50 hours average burn time.

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