Absolu de Mojito

The fragrances of mojito candles are abundant and beautiful, beginning with overtones of peppermint, cane sugar, and lime, and ending with a dashing undertone of spicy, old rum.

Accord Notes: Rum, Lime, Mint

Scented candle with bell jar 185 g

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2 100 Kč

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For bookworms with a passion for the masterpieces of Hemingway – the Jovoy Absolu de Mojito Candle is a must-have additive to adorn your library while honoring the prolific writer. Hemingway had an affinity for Mojitos, which are a type of cocktail, and this candle combines the freshness of those alluring ingredients to take you on a journey back to an iconic literary era.

The candle and a bell jar are presented in the boutique's signature red hat box making it the perfect gift.

Made in France.Crafted with 10 percent natural fragrance oil, high-quality mineral wax and hand-braided cotton wicking. 50 hours average burn time.

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