Radiant Light Facial Serum (15ml)

Dull and fatigued skin is instantly revitalized with this skin brightening blend of 18 pure plant extracts including Frankincense, Rosewood and Sea Buckthorn – formulated to correct pigmentation, stimulate skin cell renewal and restore radiance and translucency.

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 Anti-oxidant and vitamin-rich, Antonia Burrell’s Radiant Light Facial Serum is a potent daily treatment for dark spots, sun damage, blemishes and acne scarring. It also cocoons the skin from further damage caused by environmental pollutants. Massage into skin after cleansing and conditioning.

A skin brightening, 100% natural, potent formulation of 18 pure plant extracts  

Highly prized Frankincense protects, rejuvenates and helps to heal wounds and scars on the skin. Improves skin tone and condition, keeps wrinkles at bay.

Rosewood brightens and brings radiance to dull, sallow and fatigued skin

Galbanum helps treat hyper pigmentation and restore even skin tone 

Sea Buckthornaccelerates the skin’s regeneration process, promoting the healing of damaged skin and softens scar tissue. Conditions the skin.

Rich in vitamins A, C and E and skin feeding Omega 3, 6 and 7

Patented Olive Fruit extract helps to cocoon and protect the skin from further damage caused by environmental pollutants.


Morning and evening or as directed. Massage 1 – 3 pumps into damp skin after cleansing with Natural Glow Cleansing Oil and Forest Dew Skin Tonic.

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