Naomi Goodsir Parfums 

The spirit of Naomi Goodsir Parfums follows the lineage of traditional, independent perfume houses. Behind the scents is a passionate creator whose vision & atypical style inspire compositions that reflect her unique universe. Perfumes elegant, timeless & bold are formulated around a noble raw material - writings that hark back to an era when using perfume was a precious gesture & a politeness. Every element is the object of accurate detail, both in shape & content. A black paper box, a vintage style bottle typically from Grasse, a Bakelite cap and a black monolithic stand-up pouch with a small hand stitched detail that acts as a seal. All leads to a unique moment to a magical discovery. The talented noses behind the perfumes created scents that capture Naomi’s microcosm.These wonderful ‘invisible fragrant accessories’, we believe express in a beautiful & delicate manner, the world Naomi inhabits. Naomi Goodsir Parfums are made & hand packed, on the Côte d’Azur near Grasse, where Naomi works & lives.

Naomi Goodsir

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