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    ANTI-CELLULITEagainst cellulite inaesthetismsA cellulite cream treatment formulated with Active Plant Germ Cells andother active ingredients exclusively from plant origin.

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    CRÈME LIFTING POUR LE CORPSA body cream treatment formulated with Active Plant Germ Cells.Suitable for very dehydrated or prematurely aged skin, or skin needingdeep regeneration.

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  • 1 568 Kč

    TONIQUE ACTIFLotion with Active Plant Germ Cell-based formula. Suitable for all skintypes, including the sensitive ones.

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    A cleansing emulsion with an Active Plant Germ Cell-based formula.Suitable for all skin types.

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    BIO GERMINAL SÉRUM LIFT INTENSIFA day/night serum treatment formulated with Enhanced Active PlantGerm Cells. Suitable for all skin types, particularly those needing deep regeneration.

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  • 4 510 Kč

    BIO GERMINAL INTENSIVEA day/night cream treatment formulated with a high concentration ofEnhanced Plant Germ Cells. Suitable for aged skinand skin needing a deep regenerating action.

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  • 3 410 Kč

    POST SURGICAL SÉRUMNight and day serum treatment based on Plant Active Germ Cells andanti-irritating and redensifying active principles, studied purposely to facepost surgical problems. Suitable for all skin types.

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  • 9 900 Kč

    CRÈME MULTIFONCTIONNELLE GLOBALE 101 ACTIFSPeaux Normales/MixtesA multifunctional cream formulated with Active Plant Germ Cells and101 high-performance active ingredients. Suitable fornormal/combination skins.

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  • 2 296 Kč

    AGE CONTRÔLE Cou et DécolletéA high-performance, Anti-Ageing regeneration cream treatmentformulated with Active Plant Germ Cells and other active ingredientsexclusively from plant origin. Specifically designed to combat signs ofearly ageing and the lines visible on the neck and décolleté areas.Suitable for all skin types, particularly heavily lined ones.

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  • 2 159 Kč

    HYDRA-EXTRÊME SÉRUMAn effective intensive moisturizing serum whose Active Plant Germ Cellbased formula also contains other active moisturizing ingredients ofplant origin. Suitable for very dry and/or sensitive skin types.

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  • 2 351 Kč

    HYDRA-EXTRÊME 2 Peaux Normales/MixtesA daily sebum normalizer cream treatment with powerful moisturizingproperties thanks to its Active Plant Germ Cell-based formula, whichalso contains other active ingredients of plant origin.Suitable for normal/combination skin.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items